New Medical Uses For Oil From Cannabis Plant

New Medical Uses For Oil From Cannabis Plant

     To fulfill the commitment I have to my patients I believe I must be a student as well as a teacher.  There is more knowledge and more information about the science of medicine than any one person can ever hope to know, so I feel I should always be learning.  My intention is to consistently give my patients the very latest treatment approaches based on the best, evidence-based, cutting edge research.

     I recently attended a conference on Maui for naturopathic physicians.  One important take away from that meeting concerns the ways that cannabidiol (CBD) oil extracted from hemp is proving to be an important medicine. 

     CBD oil extracted from hemp is not a controlled item and may be purchased online legally.  It is classified as a food grade substance rather than as a drug, so one does not need a medical marijuana card to use it.  We see this food grade hemp in hemp milk, breads, and clothing.  CBD oil taken orally is proving to be of benefit for children who are afflicted with seizures or seizure-like symptoms.

     I have recommended oral CBD oil for a number of my patients and have found it helpful.  For children with epilepsy who are not responding to pharmaceutical anti-seizure medications, the frequency and intensity of seizures have decreased, sometimes dramatically.  CBD oil is also helpful for anxiety and for moderating aggressive behavior in children with autism, and seems to have other benefits as well.  One family whose child was not having seizures reported that there was improvement in expressive language.  

     There is also evidence that CBD oil can help reduce neuropathy from chemotherapy (nerve pain and nerve problems).  It seems to help with the nausea associated with chemo as well.  If I determine that a patient would benefit from CBD oil, I can recommend dosages that I have seen be most helpful for that individual’s condition.

How Should A Doctor Talk About Pain?

How Should A Doctor Talk About Pain?

How should a doctor like myself talk about pain?  It’s an important question to ask, one that needs to be more fully explored, since most patients I see are dealing with some kind of pain. Is the pain like a burning fire, a biting cat, a stabbing knife, an electric shock?  Is it intermittent or chronic?  Is it worse during a certain time of the day?

In earlier times pain was thought to be a result of sin, and something to be endured.  Later, stripped of its spiritual meaning it became an enemy to be fought and defeated.  As a doctor, pain is frequently an important part of the stories that patients tell.  By listening closely and giving it a common language, doctors can better understand how to not only treat the pain, but provide comfort to the patient.  Here is the article.

Pain Meds Can Inhibit Feelings For Others

Pain Meds Can Inhibit Feelings For Others

     Researchers at Ohio State University, one now at the National Institutes of Health, have discovered that taking acetaminophen to reduce pain may also cause a decrease in empathy.  For example, when study participants took acetaminophen and learned about other people’s troubles, they assumed those individuals felt less pain and suffering when compared to those who did not take the medication.

     The article’s co-author said the findings suggest that other people’s pain doesn’t seem as big of a deal when you’ve taken acetaminophen.  The authors do not know why the effect occurs, although brain scans have shown that when we experience pain and imagine other people feeling the same pain, the same part of the brain is activated.  That is one possible explanation, but to me this is more evidence that the body is one, and everything in our body is connected to everything else.  Whatever we put in our body is going to have an effect on all aspects of our being.

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