Families Often Wonder: For My Child With Autism, What Does The Future Hold?

Families Often Wonder:  For My Child With Autism, What Does The Future Hold?

     Families Often Wonder:  For My Child With Autism, What Does The Future Hold?  How is a parent to help formulate a future when they don’t know how their child’s limitations will affect them as they enter adulthood?  Ethan’s passions were music, farm equipment, and collecting business cards.  His parents had a lot to learn about what was going on inside their son.  Their story is both heartwarming and instructive.  I hope you enjoy reading about Ethan and his family.

Ground-Breaking Shift Creates Doctor-Patient Partnership & Saves Patients Money

Ground-Breaking Shift Creates Doctor-Patient Partnership & Saves Patients Money

     I’m excited to now have a new structure for my patients, from acupuncture to autism.  We call it Partnership For Health.  It’s a system where doctor and patient collaborate on achieving the patient’s health goals on an ongoing basis.  It allows my patients to keep getting better and to avoid sliding backwards when it comes to their health challenges.

     Having a proactive daily practice for improving your health is how we actually prevent disease.  The ground-breaking aspect is moving from being a patient OF a doctor to being a patient WITH a doctor.  It’s a shift in thinking from taking a pill to treat symptoms to finding out what’s causing them and making a commitment to your own well being.  That allows for changing what’s been going on in your body that allowed those symptoms to develop in the first place. 

      True, deep, long lasting health takes a solid plan.  It comes out of the process of combining regular office visits with personalized health goals along with the support of our office to help bring them about.  Our Partnership For Health plans are designed to accomplish all that while at the same time saving patients money on every visit and offering the lowest prices on high quality nutritional supplements. 

     To learn how this ground breaking Partnership For Health program can significantly improve the health of you and your family, please call our office to schedule a free phone consultation.  Or go to http://sacredhealingarts.info/ to schedule one online.

Avoid Dangers of Antibiotics With Natural Alternatives

Avoid Dangers of Antibiotics With Natural Alternatives

     It’s no secret that antibiotics are overused in the American health care system.  Often antibiotics are prescribed for viral infections or at times when they are not truly necessary.  This contributes to a worrisome spike in antibiotic resistant bacteria, as well as unwanted and even dangerous side effects from these drugs. 

     At times we all may need treatment for an infection, but thankfully many infections that are not life-threatening can be safely treated with natural remedies instead of antibiotics, under the supervision of a licensed physician trained in natural medicine.  Fortunately, naturopathic medicine has many more options for treating bacterial infections, and virus, yeast, and fungus as well.  Examples of some of these infections include simple, uncomplicated cases of colds, flu, ear infections and urinary tract infections.  Other types of infections may also be treated safely with natural remedies, but that should be determined by the physician.

     The flu and most common colds are caused by viral infections, which antibiotics cannot help, since antibiotics kill only bacteria and not viruses.  Yet many cases are treated with antibiotics because the physician and the patient want something to help the patient feel better.  I use herbs and other natural remedies to fight the virus and strengthen immune system, including alae from Hawaiian herbal medicine, and herbal cough syrups to help soothe any coughing.   

     Another common infection over treated with antibiotics are middle ear infections (otitis media) in children.  Many people don’t realize that many ear infections can be caused by viruses instead of bacteria.  When there are no signs or symptoms of complications, it is acceptable to just watch and wait.  Even the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines state that.  In other countries, it is recommended not to use antibiotics for middle ear infections unless there are signs of complications.  Recent studies have shown that antibiotics often don’t reduce the outcome—severity or length—of a child’s middle ear infection when there are no complications. 

     I have seen good clinical success treating simple ear infections with garlic mullein oil, an herbal oil infused with garlic, which helps kill both viruses and bacteria.  This is available at health food stores, online or at lower prices from our office.  The oil goes directly into the ear and works for adults as well as children. However, before using it, a doctor does need to look in the ear to make sure ear drum is intact.  If there is a hole (perforation) in the eardrum or if it is ruptured, it is not safe to put anything into the ear.  Your child also needs to be seen by a doctor to make sure that there are no complications, because those cases often do need oral antibiotics. 

     Simple urinary tract infections (UTIs) also respond well to naturopathic treatment.  I usually recommend increasing water intake and prescribe herbs that kill bacteria and are specific for acting on the urinary tract.  I also use other natural remedies to help strengthen the immune system.  Herbs have been used for centuries and can be very powerful.  Again, however, you need to be under the supervision of a physician, as certain situations may need antibiotics.

     Antibiotics should be avoided if at all possible, because they come with many unwanted and sometimes dangerous side effects. For example, if they are used for repeated bouts of infection, good bacteria are destroyed, the immune system is weakened, and a person becomes prone to more infections. 

There are constant chemical communications going on between our gut bacteria and our immune system.  We need both to be healthy to fight off disease-causing bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungus.  That means eating fresh, whole foods, including fermented foods so our diet gives us internal strength.  Vitamins, probiotics, and supplements are also important.  However, if a patient’s infection is severe or there are signs of complications, I will certainly prescribe oral antibiotics when needed.  Then I will help the patient restore their gut bacteria and boost their immune system so, hopefully, we don’t need to use antibiotics again.


Noise Can Harm Your Body And Mind

Noise Can Harm Your Body And Mind

Noise pollution is very real.  People might be surprised to learn just how many health problems are tied to excessive noise.  Underscoring the seriousness of the health hazards involved, state law provides for fines up to $10,000 a day.

The state Department of Health is the go-to agency for noise pollution.  They list all the agencies and their contact information so you can call the right place and have them do something to stop the noise.  Their excellent handbook is available online.

High noise levels can contribute to cardiovascular effects, including hypertension, heart attack, and stroke.  Night time noise can create disruption in sleep patterns, which can lead in turn to increased blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormone levels.  The next day may be less than enjoyable due to fatigue, depressed mood, decreased alertness and lowered performance.

Noise pollution can also contribute to emotional ills such as anxiety, stress, irritability, nervousness, nausea, headache, being argumentative, low sexual interest, and even conflicts at work or with family.  If one is not sleeping well and having a hard time concentrating, and their body is constantly having to deal with stress chemicals, chances are that all kinds of problems will increase.  On top of that, the lack of perceived control over the noise intensifies the negative effects.  Children are especially susceptible to noise pollution because they have fewer life experiences and resources to help them cope. 

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SPECIAL NEEDS AND NOISE:  Children with sensory processing disorders may have typical fight or flight reactions to normal levels of noise, because the brain is not processing sound normally.  To them, the sounds seem much louder than they actually are.  This can cause meltdowns, sleep problems, difficulty focusing, and anxiety, among many other potential concerns.  To address sensory issues, I teach parents to do Qigong massage on their children and refer them for occupational therapy focusing on sensory issues.  The massage is quite effective, so if you think your child may have sensory issues, please ask me about learning Qigong massage.


CDC Says One Third of Antibiotic Rx’s Are Wrong

CDC Says One Third of Antibiotic Rx’s Are Wrong

     According to a new report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “…despite decades of ever-more-frantic warnings from health officials, doctors are still writing prescriptions for colds, ear infections and bronchitis, even though they do not help…”  These unneeded prescriptions are partly to blame for the ever increasing rise of super bugs, which do not respond to antibiotic treatment.  These include, literally, millions of prescriptions written for conditions such as sinus infections, middle ear infections, sore throats, colds, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, influenza, and viral pneumonia.

     Sadly, children under the age of two account for receive the most amount of antibiotics.  As I’ve posted previously, antibiotics are not only in danger of becoming ineffective.  They damage the digestive system in numerous ways, especially in children.  There are many effective natural remedies available in the naturopathic tool kit.  If you or your children have repeated illnesses that have been treated with antibiotics, and you are not already a patient, please contact my office for a free fifteen minute phone consult.  (Please click on the photo to read the article.)

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