Families Often Wonder: For My Child With Autism, What Does The Future Hold?

Families Often Wonder:  For My Child With Autism, What Does The Future Hold?

     Families Often Wonder:  For My Child With Autism, What Does The Future Hold?  How is a parent to help formulate a future when they don’t know how their child’s limitations will affect them as they enter adulthood?  Ethan’s passions were music, farm equipment, and collecting business cards.  His parents had a lot to learn about what was going on inside their son.  Their story is both heartwarming and instructive.  I hope you enjoy reading about Ethan and his family.

Ground-Breaking Shift Creates Doctor-Patient Partnership & Saves Patients Money

Ground-Breaking Shift Creates Doctor-Patient Partnership & Saves Patients Money

     I’m excited to now have a new structure for my patients, from acupuncture to autism.  We call it Partnership For Health.  It’s a system where doctor and patient collaborate on achieving the patient’s health goals on an ongoing basis.  It allows my patients to keep getting better and to avoid sliding backwards when it comes to their health challenges.

     Having a proactive daily practice for improving your health is how we actually prevent disease.  The ground-breaking aspect is moving from being a patient OF a doctor to being a patient WITH a doctor.  It’s a shift in thinking from taking a pill to treat symptoms to finding out what’s causing them and making a commitment to your own well being.  That allows for changing what’s been going on in your body that allowed those symptoms to develop in the first place. 

      True, deep, long lasting health takes a solid plan.  It comes out of the process of combining regular office visits with personalized health goals along with the support of our office to help bring them about.  Our Partnership For Health plans are designed to accomplish all that while at the same time saving patients money on every visit and offering the lowest prices on high quality nutritional supplements. 

     To learn how this ground breaking Partnership For Health program can significantly improve the health of you and your family, please call our office to schedule a free phone consultation.  Or go to http://sacredhealingarts.info/ to schedule one online.

Breakthrough In Understanding Autism

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      One way to describe autism’s symptoms is as an inability to close the sensory gates.  The condition can prevent a person from being able to tune out certain sights and sounds.  Instead, every sight and sound floods the nervous system, overloading it and turning everyday environments into stressful experiences.  Scientists found a direct link between autistic behavior and a neurotransmitter called GABA, which is an amino acid brain chemical. (Neurotransmitters communicate information from one nerve cell to another.) 

     If we are switching attention from one object to another or one sound to another, we are allowing some kinds of information to pass along the nerves, but not others.  With autism, it is all happening at once.  GABA regulates brain cells so that they don’t overreact in response to all the information they get from the senses.    GABA is available as a supplement, along with other amino acids.  In my treatment of autism spectrum disorders, I have found that GABA can have a calming effect with anxiety, hyperactivity, violent behavior, and sensory issues.  Read the article here.


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