Dr. Taketa-Wong’s Early Tylenol Warning For Kids Now Proven True In Pregnancy

     Dr. Taketa-Wong has long advised parents of children with autism or ADHD to avoid giving their children Tylenol (or generic acetaminophen).  This is because they often have compromised liver detox pathways and the drug can cause worsening symptoms of autism and ADHD.  Instead, she instructs families on natural remedies including alternating hot and cold applications.

     Her pioneering medical leadership has now been shown to be highly perceptive.  A 2014 Danish study had already found an association between acetaminophen use during pregnancy and ADHD, especially if the acetaminophen use was frequent.  But the problem for scientists was trying to determine if the medication caused the problem, or was it the condition that the mom was taking it for?

     To answer that question, researchers in Norway recently ran a study of 100,000 pregnancies.  They found startling results.  Regardless of the reason the pregnant moms used acetaminophen, those who reported long-term exposure — 29 consecutive days or more — had a more than twofold risk of a child with ADHD.  Importantly, the result was the same regardless of the medical conditions that the mom was taking the Tylenol for, removing the likelihood that some particular medical problem in the mother was actually affecting the developing fetus.

     The study did not show the risk for short term use, but when something can potentially cause harm to an unborn child, using a little bit is not a satisfactory answer.  That is why Dr. Taketa-Wong instructs her patients on effective natural approaches to managing fever and pain during pregnancy.

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