Consumer reports finds supplements are not always safe. Some are even causing liver damage. Here are some answers.

Consumer reports  finds supplements are not always safe.  Some are even causing liver damage.  Here are some answers.

     As a naturopathic doctor, I received extensive nutritional training in medical school and continue to research nutrition for my patients.  I do my own investigation of supplements and herbs before recommending them to my patients and offer prices that meet or beat online retailers like Amazon.  For most conditions, I can put together a nutritional regimen based on foods and supplements rather than prescribing pharmaceuticals. 

     The medical researchers who did the investigation on supplements are especially concerned about body building supplements and green tea extract, used in many weight loss products.  But many other supplements are also problematic.  Liver damage is very serious and can be irreversible, even life threatening.  However, supplement manufacturers can voluntarily register with NSF, a non-profit organization that has a program of Good Manufacturing Practices which assures that what’s on a supplement’s label is accurate.  I have included a link with a listing of these supplement companies.  (Unfortunately, most conventional medical doctors are not trained in nutrition and are not familiar with which supplements are certified by NSF.)

     I know that even though the listing on that link is valuable, it can still be confusing to know which supplements are safe and right for your condition.  Because the situation is serious, if you are not a patient of mine and want to purchase supplements that are safe, effective, and reasonably priced, please call the office at 808-783-0361 and mention this Facebook post.  (Click on the picture below to read the full article.)


Your Fish May Be A Phony

Your Fish May Be A Phony

     A recent report by the ocean conservation group Oceana, revealed that one in five seafood samples tested worldwide is completely different from what the menu or packaging says.  In a meta-analysis of more than 200 studies from 55 countries, more than 25,000 seafood samples were group analyzed.  The research revealed that 20% were incorrectly labeled.  An interactive map shows where cases of phony fish were found.

      The biggest impostor was farmed Asian catfish, which was sold in place of 18 types of more expensive fish, including perch, cod and grouper.  Two Southern California sushi chefs were charged with selling endangered whale meat as fatty tuna.  In addition, 58 percent of the mislabeled samples were substituted for fish that could potentially pose health risks to certain consumers, especially pregnant women and children.  Some were endangered species.

      We are fortunate to have an abundant local fishery, and purchasing fish caught in Hawaiian waters is a good way to have more confidence that you’re eating what you think you are.  Nationally, one way to combat seafood fraud is by consumers supporting stricter regulations for fish-tracking that extends throughout the supply chain.  Read the article here.

Obesity Now Tied To 13 Types Of Cancer And 42% Of All New Cancer Diagnoses

Obesity Now Tied To 13 Types Of Cancer And 42% Of All New Cancer Diagnoses

     A prominent medical publication, the New England Journal of Medicine, just published a review of over 1,000 studies which provided solid evidence that being overweight or obese is linked to most of the common types of cancer, including colorectal, breast, kidney, liver, gallbladder, pancreatic, thyroid, and ovarian. 

      According to the chairman of the working group behind the study, only smoking comes close as a risk factor for cancer:  “Obesity is associated with significant metabolic and hormone abnormalities, and with chronic inflammation, factors that may help explain its link to cancer.” 

     This study affirms the emphasis that holistic medicine has long placed on the importance of overall health, beginning with good food.  People who grow up eating highly processed foods can damage their body’s balance mechanisms at a young age, which can lead to a lifetime of weight and health issues.  The study emphasizes that the priority should be to avoid weight gain, because so few people can lose weight and keep it off once it’s there.  Find the article here.

Ground-Breaking Shift Creates Doctor-Patient Partnership & Saves Patients Money

Ground-Breaking Shift Creates Doctor-Patient Partnership & Saves Patients Money

     I’m excited to now have a new structure for my patients, from acupuncture to autism.  We call it Partnership For Health.  It’s a system where doctor and patient collaborate on achieving the patient’s health goals on an ongoing basis.  It allows my patients to keep getting better and to avoid sliding backwards when it comes to their health challenges.

     Having a proactive daily practice for improving your health is how we actually prevent disease.  The ground-breaking aspect is moving from being a patient OF a doctor to being a patient WITH a doctor.  It’s a shift in thinking from taking a pill to treat symptoms to finding out what’s causing them and making a commitment to your own well being.  That allows for changing what’s been going on in your body that allowed those symptoms to develop in the first place. 

      True, deep, long lasting health takes a solid plan.  It comes out of the process of combining regular office visits with personalized health goals along with the support of our office to help bring them about.  Our Partnership For Health plans are designed to accomplish all that while at the same time saving patients money on every visit and offering the lowest prices on high quality nutritional supplements. 

     To learn how this ground breaking Partnership For Health program can significantly improve the health of you and your family, please call our office to schedule a free phone consultation.  Or go to to schedule one online.

Tap Those Toes, Wiggle Those Ankles! Harm From Sitting Lowered By Fidgeting

Tap Those Toes, Wiggle Those Ankles!  Harm From Sitting Lowered By Fidgeting

     Research continues to document how our bodies are responding to today’s sedentary lifestyle.  Studies of movement patterns indicate that most of us spend between eight and 10 hours each day seated.  During that time, our bodies, and especially our legs, barely move. 

     Our bodies were not built for this, we were built to be in motion.  The dangers of this inactivity include increased risk for weight gain, as well as diabetes, since unused muscles in the legs do not pull sugar from the blood, leading to a dangerous rise in blood sugar.  Also, extended sitting causes an abrupt and significant decline in blood flow to the legs.  When blood flow drops, friction along the vessel walls also declines. The cells that line these walls, which can sense changes in the friction, begin to pump out proteins that contribute over time to hardening and narrowing of the arteries.  

     Other consequences include increased blood pressure and higher risk for atherosclerosis.  However, the very good news is that lower body fidgeting can result in enough muscular activity to elevate blood flow to the legs and significantly reduce the potential harm.  Read the article here.

New Data Says to Stop Using Ice for Ankle Sprains

New Data Says to Stop Using Ice for Ankle Sprains

     RICE, the acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, has been applied to ankle sprains since it first appeared in Dr. Gabe Mirkin’s book in 1978.  Now that same doctor has reviewed the research and changed his mind. 

      It turns out that ice actually slows healing because it restricts the blood supply that brings healing cells.  Instead, the new advice is to take ibuprofen or a similar NSAID for only the first 24-48 hours.  (They also slow down healing by suppressing inflammation.)  After that, if the pain persists, acetaminophen is recommended.  (It has no anti-inflammatory effects.)  I don’t like acetaminophen because it suppresses liver detoxification, but for a couple of days, it should be OK for short term pain relief. 

     The article has more good advice for treating sprains and a link to the gentle exercises that are now advised as opposed to completely resting the joint.  While the information about not using ice is valuable, I prefer avoiding  pharmaceuticals whenever possible.  Instead, I advise applying castor oil, which helps to promote circulation to the area.  I also recommend hydrotherapy, which is alternating hot and cold for very short periods of time, to improve circulation and speed the healing process: apply a cold pack for one minute then a warm compress for one minute, and repeat that for at least 3 cycles of cold/hot, then end with cold.  This can be repeated several times during the day.

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