What Is Your Body Doing With The Food You Eat?

What Is Your Body Doing With The Food You Eat?

     Say you’re at a party.  There is chicken, potato-mac salad, tossed greens, spam musubi, raw veggies and dip, red velvet cake, apple pie, and so on.  You help yourself to an assortment of items.  What happens after you’re finished eating?  While most of us have a basic idea of what our digestive system does, this article explains the science of it in easily understood terms. 

     I liked this article because the writer helps make sense of the sort of dietary recommendations I typically give my patients.  It’s an enjoyable read, too (though on the long side, perhaps best read in segments).  I think you will find it to be a valuable resource as well, something worth bookmarking and coming back to for reference.

Health News–Baking Soda Wash Removes Some Pesticides From Apples

Health News–Baking Soda Wash Removes Some Pesticides From Apples

     There are many health risks associated with pesticides, from handling them to applying them to consuming their residue.  One of the most controversial is the notion that they persist in such low levels that there is minimal risk when they are consumed.  Many scientists disagree because there isn’t enough information to say for sure whether long-term, low-level consumption of pesticides on produce is safe.  In fact, recent studies have linked chronic, low-level pesticide exposure to hyperactivity in children, diabetes, and low sperm counts.

     Rinsing produce with tap water removes germs and also significantly reduces pesticide residues.  But some pesticide residue persists on produce after getting washed under the faucet.  A new study has found that a baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) wash can completely remove residues of two pesticides from the surface of apples.  The study’s authors said that, “Most pesticides are not stable at an alkaline pH, which breaks down the compounds and helps to wash them away.”

     We want to emphasize that the study confirmed only two pesticides out of the FIFTY which can be used on apples, so more tests are needed.  However the results are promising and the researchers advocate adding baking soda to the commercial washes and germicides now being used. 

     While organic fruits and vegetables—especially locally grown ones—are always preferable, families also have to take price and availability into account.  So it is good news that something this simple can help with at least one type of fruit and can be done at home by consumers.  Hopefully, more testing will now take place involving other types of produce.  Click on the photo or find the article here



Are The Chronic Diseases Of Aging Avoidable? Some Tribal People Seem Immune

Are The Chronic Diseases Of Aging Avoidable?   Some Tribal People Seem Immune

     A scientific project is revealing that there are genes in some tribal people who have never lived an industrialized life that protect them against Alzheimer’s.  The genes have existed in nearly all humans for eons up until modern times and now reside in only a quarter of people living in the industrialized world.  The function of those genes had to do with helping the brain fight parasites. 

     Now we live in “clean” environments, and there are fewer parasites to fight in developed countries.  It appears that these genes have started to fight against the brain itself instead.  The concept fits with recent dementia research.  It means that what we are feeding our body (the air, water, and food) is not able to provide us with the same resources as it would have in an ancient setting.  We may unwittingly be discovering just how damaging our modern way of life is.

     For me as a naturopathic doctor, while we can never return to a prior time, we can take action to protect ourselves.  I am certain that cutting out industrialized food—the processed and packaged products—and nourishing our bodies naturally would be a great start.  Read the article here.

Health Alert—Study Shows Household Chemicals Are Linked To Diabetes

Health Alert—Study Shows Household Chemicals Are Linked To Diabetes

     A study out from researchers in the European Union indicates that a 25% reduction in exposure to certain household chemicals would reduce diabetes cases by approximately 13%, enough to save billions of dollars in annual health costs.  While it might seem like an unusual connection, commonly used chemicals might influence major factors that regulate glucose metabolism. 

     Phthalates, used to make plastic products more flexible, are found in food packaging, furniture, toys, and also in medical devices.  In addition, phthalates are found in personal care products, like cosmetics, and in pharmaceuticals.  Some plastics may contain up to 40–50% phthalate by weight.  Because phthalates are additives and not bound to the plastic, they can easily leach out into air, water, and food.   

     Exposure to chemicals is just about unavoidable in modern society.  However, I urge everyone to limit their contact as much as possible by using glass and stainless steel jars and containers for food storage, avoiding food that is packaged or wrapped in plastic, and steering clear of bottled water.  Click on the photo or read the article here.

Cutting Edge News: Could ADHD Be A Sleep Disorder?

Cutting Edge News:  Could ADHD Be A Sleep Disorder?

(NOTE:  Dr. Taketa-Wong successfully treats ADHD symptoms and sleep disorders using a more natural approach.  Call her office at 808-783-0361 for information.)

     Educators, parents, and scientists have referred to ADHD as a national crisis.  Billions of dollars have been spent looking into its cause, including genetics, brain development exposure to lead, the push for early academics, and more.  The latest theory which has been gaining momentum among researchers is both simpler and controversial.  Several studies have suggested strong links between ADHD and the “length, time, and quality of sleep.”

     There is growing evidence that suggests there is a subset of children with ADHD that are misdiagnosed and actually suffer from various sleep deficiencies.  But what if many kids today simply aren’t getting the sleep they need, leading to challenging behaviors that mimic ADHD?  That would fundamentally change the way ADHD is treated.

     Previous studies have demonstrated that about 75% of people with ADHD have sleep disturbances and that the symptoms become more severe when they get less sleep.  In fact, scientists have shown that a group of children with sleep disorder and ADHD actually lost their diagnosis after they had their adenoids or tonsils removed to treat the sleep problem.

     Another issue that could be making the situation worse comes from the drugs that are now being prescribed to treat ADHD.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s the medications lasted four to six hours.  Now, most children are taking ones that last 12 hours.  Children that are sensitive to the medications may not be tired till midnight.  Then, to combat that, the children are prescribed yet more drugs.

     Dr. Taketa-Wong said, “In my experience treating children with ADHD, I have found that many have other health conditions underlying their symptoms which can be treated naturally, including adrenal problems, anemia or neurotransmitter imbalances.  (Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers between brain cells.)  My treatment approach uses natural methods including personalized dietary changes and targeted nutritional supplements, limiting screen time, and correcting sleep disturbances.”

Link To The Article

Families Often Wonder: For My Child With Autism, What Does The Future Hold?

Families Often Wonder:  For My Child With Autism, What Does The Future Hold?

     Families Often Wonder:  For My Child With Autism, What Does The Future Hold?  How is a parent to help formulate a future when they don’t know how their child’s limitations will affect them as they enter adulthood?  Ethan’s passions were music, farm equipment, and collecting business cards.  His parents had a lot to learn about what was going on inside their son.  Their story is both heartwarming and instructive.  I hope you enjoy reading about Ethan and his family.

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